A. Le Coq Beer World Museum Tour and Beer Tasting

Estonia’s oldest brewery, established Tartu in 1826, is the setting for this intriguing museum. The brewery’s factory buildings were completed in 1898 and have more or less been preserved up to the present day.  The museum  is located in the malt tower built on the A. Le Coq site in 1898. The museum’s more than 2000 exhibits cover the history of A. Le Coq as well as Estonian and worldwide beer culture. A tour is also available for those who want to see the brewery’s modern facilities, and a museum visit naturally includes a degustation. Guided tours (in Estonian, English or Russian) last for two hours. The tour includes visiting production premises and the museum, and ends with A. Le Coq product tasting in the museum pub.

Location: Tartu

More information at A le Coq Beer World’s website

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