TYPA Printing And Paper Arts Centre Visit

The TYPA Printing and Paper Arts Centre is situated within a converted boot factory in Tartu. It stands as the sole museum in the Baltics and Finland dedicated entirely to paper and letterpress printing. During your visit, you will embark on an engaging tour that delves into the history of communication. This journey commences with the inception of paper some 2000 years ago, progressing through the transformative era of printed literature in the 15th century and beyond. You will gain insight into these processes by participating in activities such as crafting handmade paper, operating a 200-year-old press to pull prints, and experiencing the meticulous efforts involved in poster printing.

As a printing museum, it is important to preserve and pass on the secrets of the art of printing, which we can do best through our variety of workshops. There you will have the opportunity to try out different historical printing techniques or make paper by hand.

Workshops available on site:

  • Notebook workshop
  • Handmade paper
  • Fabric printing
  • Linocut with ink printing

Book with: Baltic Tours

Photos by Peter Paxx

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