Tartu 2024 in Facts and Figures

Estonia’s second largest city as well as its main university town Tartu will hold the title of European Capital Of Culture in 2024.

5 facts about European Capital of Culture:

1.Tartu together with Southern Estonia is the European Capital of Culture in 2024

The European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 is the main event in Estonia. The programme offers diverse cultural experiences in Tartu and Southern Estonia. In addition to Tartu, Bad Ischl (Austria) and Bodø (Norway) are also European Capitals of Culture in 2024.

2.  A quarter of Estonia organises the European Capital of Culture

Tartu 2024 is the biggest regional cooperation project between Tartu and Southern Estonian municipalities.

3. The artistic concept of Tartu 2024 is Arts of Survival

Arts of Survival refer to the knowledge, skills, and values that will help us lead a good life in the future. The four most important Arts of Survival features are uniqueness, sustainability, awareness, and co-creation.

4.Tartu 2024 is making a revolution in environmentally friendly cultural management

A quarter of Estonia is organising hundreds of events in an environmentally friendly way. This means that the environment benefits from the culture and our lives will be better in the future.

5.Tartu 2024 programme will be launched in autumn 2023. Tartu 2024 Opening Ceremony will take place on January 26th 2024. Organizers are expecting 1 000 000  visits to the Tartu 2024 programme.

Tartu 2024 Toolbox for promotional materials:

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Marketing Manager Kaia Timpmann,

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Photo by: Mana Kaasik

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager