Tallinn Airport’s winter schedule surprises with the abundance of destinations

In Tallinn Airport’s winter flight schedule, one may find flights to 32 direct destinations. Additionally, also charter flights are being added to the schedule, including Estonians’ favourites such as Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada as well as Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

According to Eero Pärgmäe, the Commercial Director of Tallinn Airport, this winter’s flight schedule is one of the best winter schedules in terms of the number of destinations over time. “The winter flight schedule, which comes in effect at the end of October, already today has 20% more seats than in the summer of 2021, and no charter seats have been added yet. This is a clear sign of recovery – there is a demand and airlines have responded with offers,” Pärgmäe said and added that he is pleased to see that this winter the passengers can discover their old favourites as well as new destinations and there is something for everyone in the flight schedule. Of the new destinations, Barcelona, Liverpool, Billund, Beauvais in Paris and Ciampinoare in Rome are being added to the schedule in the winter. The flights to Malta, Weeze in Dusseldorf and Edinburgh will return. Those interested in skiing can choose between flights to Munich, Zurich, Salzburg, Vienna and two airports in Milan this winter. Winter destinations can be viewed on the homepage of Tallinn Airport. “So, all I have to say is that it is high time to start planning your winter travels.”

Pärgmäe added that as supply is high, the airlines are currently actively running discount campaigns and one can get very cheap tickets to several destinations. “Still, it is wise to keep in mind that before travelling, you should familiarise yourself with the requirements of the country of destination and take along all the necessary documents. If you haven’t travelled in the last few years, do not forget to check the validity of your travel documents, especially when traveling outside the European Union.”

In September, 165,199 passengers travelled through Tallinn Airport, being three times more than the year before. Compared to August, the number of flights as well as the seats on sale was higher in September; yet, when the holiday season ended, the average seat occupancy on regular flights remained at 64%.

In September, WizzAir opened a direct flight between Tallinn and Naples. Also, Turkish airline Pegasus started regular seasonal flights to Antalya. In September, it was possible to take direct flights altogether to 30 destinations, of which the Riga and Frankfurt hubs were used the most. The most popular destinations of charter flights were Turkey and Greece, but also the holiday resorts in Bulgaria and Montenegro.

In September, a total of 2897 flight operations were carried out, making an average of 96 landings and take-offs per day.

In three quarters, 785,054 passengers have travelled through Tallinn Airport and 18,107 flight operations were carried out.

Source: Tallinn Airport 

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager