Jolos Earns ISO 20121 Certification, Paving the Way for Sustainable Events in Estonia

In a significant milestone for event management in Estonia, Jolos, a prominent event management agency, has become the first in the country to attain the prestigious ISO 20121 certification for all events organized by the company. This internationally recognized standard sets the benchmark for effectively managing the social, economic, and environmental impacts of events.

ISO 20121 certification underscores Jolos’ commitment to sustainability, providing a structured framework for integrating sustainability principles and practices into their event planning and execution. This certification is a testament to Jolos’ dedication to making their events more environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically sustainable.

Jolos has long been on a sustainability journey, aiming to ensure that sustainability isn’t merely a talking point but is backed by the validation of a trusted third party. The ISO certificate stands as tangible evidence of Jolos’ dedication to providing sustainable event services that are evidence-based, proven, and rooted in their extensive experience.

Attaining ISO 20121 certification represents a major step forward for the event management industry in Estonia. It not only demonstrates Jolos’ leadership but also sets a precedent for other event organizers to follow suit, promoting a more sustainable and responsible approach to event planning and execution in the country.

Jolos’ achievement highlights the growing importance of sustainability in the events industry and serves as an inspiration for event organizers worldwide to prioritize sustainable practices in their operations.

For more information about Jolos and their ISO 20121 certification, please visit their web site

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager