Annual Conference of International Society for Child Indicators Taking Place in Tartu

On the 27–29th of August, the International Society for Child Indicators (ISCI) will be holding their annual conference in Tartu. Head of the organizing committee Dagmar Kutsar from the University of Tartu says that what makes the conference special is the symbiosis of scientists, practitioners and policymakers who come together for one goal – to find better ways to increase child well-being.

Even though the field of research in children’s subjective well-being is relatively new, it has helped us understand the merits and drawbacks of children’s lives a lot better, says Dagmar Kutsar, researcher at the University of Tartu. “It’s really an honor to host such a conference here in Tartu. It gives our local practitioners and policymakers a one of a kind opportunity to learn from the best scientists in the field and put that knowledge into practice,” she says.

The conference warmly welcomes some of the greatest minds in the field of children’s well-being. Many of the talks and discussions will concentrate on the well-being of children today in different areas of the world.  There will also be a discussion about Estonian children and their well-being.

Source: University of Tartu

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager