Tallinn responsible tourism service providers join the Goodwill Agreement

Responsible tourism service providers in Tallinn can join a Goodwill Agreement to declare their commitment to a COVID-19-safe customer experience. Upon joining, the service provider confirms to comply with the corona prevention requirements of the Health Board, as well as to inform visitors both on site and online about the measures to keep customers and employees safe.

Providers of tourism services who have signed the Goodwill Agreement are classified on the websites and as places offering COVID-19 safe services, and they have the right to use the sign “COVID-19 safe” in their communication channels and place of service.

According to Tallinn Deputy Mayor Aivar Riisalu, the Goodwill Agreement and the accompanying label are based on the responsibility and self-assessment of the tourism service provider. “When restrictions are alleviated, it is important that tourism services are provided responsibly and that service providers are committed and do their utmost to ensure the safety of the customer and employees. However, we also expect responsibility from all visitors,” adds Riisalu.

The Goodwill Agreement and the accompanying safety label are based on an undertaking coordinated by the Tourism Development Centre of Enterprise Estonia (Visit Estonia). The aim of the venture is to encourage a responsible visiting experience in which both the service provider and the customer partake. The Tourism Department of the Tallinn Strategy Centre coordinates the joining of Tallinn tourism service providers to the Goodwill Agreement and the distribution of safety labels to the participants.


Source: Visit Tallinn

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager