Nordic Hotel Forum was the first hotel in Estonia to receive BREEAM international sustainability certificate and property quality label.

Nordic Hotel Forum was the first hotel in Estonia to receive BREEAM international sustainability certificate and property quality label.

BREEAM is the world’s first property quality label based on broad scientific evaluation criteria. BREEAM enables a comprehensive assessment of a building’s energy efficiency, environmental and user-friendliness, and sustainability at every stage of the building’s life cycle.

The BREEAM assessment methodology is very versatile; nine aspects are taken into account during certification: property management, user well-being, energy efficiency, transport, water use, resource use, sustainability, ecological diversity, and pollution reduction.

Property owner and hotel collaboration

The owner of the hotel building, the real estate company Kapitel, together with the hotel operator Nordic Hotels OÜ, carried out a renovation project of the building during the pandemic, and the hotel reopened with a new, more competitive concept in 2021. For Kapitel and Nordic Hotels, this was the largest investment in the sector since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness are important for the property owner, the hotel operator, and the customers of the hotel, so the certification of the hotel building is the right step to evaluate the result.

Issuing a green certification

In the process of issuing the BREEAM In-Use green certificate, the Nordic Hotel Forum building was assessed in different categories: health & well-being, energy, transport, water, resources, resilience, land use & ecology, and pollution. During the evaluation, additional exemplary-level credits were given for energy-efficient activities.

In the evaluation result of the Nordic Hotel Forum, user well-being, energy efficiency, and transport connections stand out most clearly. At the Nordic Hotel Forum, a lot has been done for the well-being of guests and employees: the use of environmentally friendly district heating, an emotionally appropriate indoor climate that can be adjusted as needed, automatic switching on and off of the lighting system according to the use of the rooms, water consumption reduction mechanisms have been installed in the hotel rooms, automated control of technical systems according to the occupancy of the rooms, guests can park their cars in the underground parking lot, and the necessary infrastructure has been created for bike riders and owners of electric cars. The Nordic Hotel Forum building score guarantees the level of Very Good. With this result, Nordic Hotel Forum is among the best-certified buildings.

The hotel meets guests’ environmentally-conscious expectations

Improving the energy efficiency of the building will help the hotel significantly reduce costs and environmental impacts. Thanks to sustainable solutions, it is possible to better meet the demands of customers and the market, which results in increased satisfaction of both customers and employees.

By choosing a hotel with BREEAM certification, the guest can be sure that they are stepping into an environmentally friendly and sustainable place where comfort, quality, and responsibility are intertwined. By staying at the Nordic Hotel Forum with first-class service, the guest makes an environmentally conscious choice.

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager