Respiray Invents COVID-resilient Hybrid Protection Solution for Conferences

Estonian tech company Respiray has invented a personal wearable air purifier to fight against the virus. Respiray is a technology company founded after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out due to the lack of sufficient protective equipment. Its primary device, a personal wearable air purifier that uses UV-C light to inactivate viruses, is one such hybrid solution to fighting the coronavirus. The wearable air purifier sits on a wearer’s shoulders, filtering unfiltered air through its UV-C disinfection module and circulates virus-free air to the front of the wearer’s face without the need to wear a mask. The device purifies up to 55 litres of air per minute — up to 4x more than an average resting human breathes.

Respiray’s technology is proving remarkably popular amongst hospitality and conference businesses. The Nordic Hotel Forum, a four-star hotel in Estonia’s capital Tallinn, heavily invested in Respiray devices to protect their business event centres to ensure the hotel remained COVID-resilient. Felix Mägus, General Manager at Nordic Hotel Forum, adds, “we are offering the hotel and conference centre visitors wearable air purifiers Respiray, developed in Estonia. They use UV technology to purify 99% of the air to be breathed in and direct the purified air in the direction of the mouth and nose of the wearer.”

More recently, at the largest startup event in the Baltics, sTARTUp Day in Tartu, Estonia, Respiray devices were used for conference attendees to wear during business networking sessions, ensuring everyone could discuss business face-to-face without wearing a face mask. Head Organiser Marili Vihmann said, “We always try to innovate our event, and it was so cool to have an innovation born in Estonia during the pandemic present at the venue. Respiray saved the day by providing the sTARTUp Day team, speakers, and people at the Matchmaking area with their air purifiers. I wore it the whole time because running around with a mask was hot. We were even afraid that someone will forget that they’re wearing Respiray and will accidentally walk home with it!”

At the same event, Indrek Neivelt, CEO of Respiray, was on the panel “Beating the Virus” with Certific and Icoasagen, spoke about how Respiray is one part of a hybrid solution in defeating this pandemic. Neivelt added, “this COVID-19 pandemic has distorted society for years now and shows no sign of slowing down, despite the vaccination drive. Respiray is an additional part of the solution in keeping schools, conferences, retail shops, hotels and conferences open from new COVID outbreaks and lockdowns.”

Respiray was designed to ensure businesses remain open by protecting and reassuring customers and employees that they will not be infected by the virus when visiting their establishment.The world has acknowledged that to live with the virus, there is a need for better protective technology. Using technological solutions like Respiray and others will only increase, should meetings and conferences wish to remain face-to-face in the coming years.

The company’s innovative patent-pending UV-C disinfection modules provide maximum disinfection with minimum energy consumption. These disinfection modules have been independently tested by the Universities of Tartu and Lodz, where they achieved over 99% effectiveness at inactivating various viruses and bacteria. Additional testing demonstrated that by using UV-C LEDs that operate at a wavelength of 265nm, do not produce ozone or any other chemicals.​

To find out more about the tech product, see Respiray web site

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager