European Design Festival 2022 is taking place this year in Tallinn

The European Design Festival (ED-Festival) will take place on June 17-19 2022 in Tallinn. Creative people from all over Europe are expected to take part in the Festival Programme that will also be open to the general public. The Programme includes the Design Conference “Beyond Design”, Workshops, Exhibitions, Design Walks, Design Talks, Studio Crawls and of course, the European Design Awards Ceremony! 

The European Design Awards Ceremony and European Design Conference 2022 “Beyond Design” will both take place on June 18 at the Tallinn Creative Hub.

The Design Conference “Beyond Design” addresses the core questions of the future of design and the future through design, as well as topics related to the position and responsibilities of a designer. The work will take place through practical workshops, discussions and multidisciplinary future visions. 

The speakers at the Design Conference include designer, sociologist and sustainability provocateur Leyla Acaroglu; futurist Angela Oguntala (founding partner at Greyspace, a foresight and design studio); professor, design and technology ethicist Ariel Guersenzvaig; creative strategist and problem solver Marksteen Adamson, Frederico Duarte, Isabel Inés “Ludita” and many more. The Conference will also cover several interesting cases from leading European design agencies.

The European Design Awards is an annual event, bringing together the best examples of communication design in Europe. It is widely recognised as one of the most prestigious design awards on an international level, as a joint initiative of the major communication design media of the continent. The ED-Festival has since 2007 been hosted in cities such as Stockholm, Zurich, Rotterdam, Helsinki, Istanbul, Vienna, Porto and Oslo, to name a few. Its mission is to celebrate European design, facilitate meetings between designers, be inspired and build networks, as well as assist in promoting the design discipline to wider audiences. 

The European Design Festival 2022 is a collaborative event of the European Design Awards and Estonian Design Centre. The Festival Programme and ticket info is available at the festival’s website.

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager