COVID-19: Planning recommendations by the Health Board for public events and mass gatherings

As of today, Estonia is not a COVID-19 epidemic risk area and there are no restrictions on travelling or public events. As the situation in the world is constantly changing, the Health Board of Estonia monitors it on daily basis and adjusts the level of risk as necessary. Current information is available on the website of the Health Board of Estonia.

Republic of Estonia Health Board’s advice for public events held in Estonia:

In view of the rapidly changing epidemiological situation in the world, in the European Union as well as in Estonia, the Health Board advises persons at risk (elderly people and those with chronic health conditions) to avoid attending public events and mass gatherings.

When planning public events and mass gatherings, the organizers should ensure that conditions and processes are in place to prevent possible transmission of the disease. For these purposes, the organizer shall:

1. ensure the presence of healthcare personnel;

2. provide service personnel with personal protective equipment (protective mask, protective gloves, disinfectants) to be used when needed;

3. allow for the measurement of body temperature in persons with suspected infection;

4. in the event that a participant falls ill, provide a place where the patient could be temporarily isolated and examined by a health care professional until he/she is taken to a medical institution or home;

5. provide participants in the event area with quick and convenient access to hand disinfection facilities in visible areas (lobbies, corridors, competition areas, changing rooms, toilets and other facilities);

6. when organizing participants’ accommodation, try to place participants/representatives of the same country at the same complex/floor of the accommodation facility, to facilitate the isolation of persons, if necessary;

7. ensure daily wet cleaning of public areas, and where necessary, cleaning of door handles, handles and dining tables, by using conventional disinfectants1 ;

8. ensure regular cleaning and disinfection of toilet facilities, including trash bin and water tap handles; 9. ensure in the toilet continuous availability of hand washing facilities and a (touchless) trash bin that can be opened by foot. Disposable paper towels are recommended for drying hands. In case paper towels are not available, use electric air dryer.

The Health Board asks the event organizers to monitor the local situation of COVID-192 and, considering the above, analyze the specifics of the event and possible concurrence with risk factors for the spread of the disease. Please note! The Health Board asks people with symptoms not to attend public events and mass gatherings. 1 Disinfectants for public use (e.g. spirit solutions for surfaces that withstand it and/or 0.1% sodium hypochlorite solution) 2

For more information on COVID-19, visit the website of the Health Board 

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager