Morning Run in Tartu for Conference Delegates

If you want to kickstart your conference day with a healthy dose of fresh air and exercise, Tartu is your city. Beyond its few main thoroughfares, the ‘City of Good Thoughts’ is relatively calm, and offers some great running routes through scenic areas.

The leafy banks of the Emajõgi River are a destination of choice for local runners, with paths following both sides of the waterway where it courses through the city centre. The bridges that span the river at convenient points make it fairly easy to plan out a loop for your run.

An option that’s every bit as scenic and even more historic is Toomemägi, the hill that rises from the western edge of Old Town. There will be a steep incline if you approach from the Old Town side, but once you’re up top, you’ll be able to hoof your way through the fantastic sights of Toomemäe Park: the ruins of the Tartu Cathedral, the Old Observatory, the Angel’s Bridge and various curious monuments to the city’s luminaries. At certain points you’ll be treated to Instagrammable views of Old Town, so keep the mobile charged!

For additional information on best possible routes, please contact Tartu Convention Bureau


Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager