What makes Estonia such a popular choice for event planners?

For starters, Estonia is a fresh, new, undiscovered option. We all know that many delegates travel often and have already been to the long-established conference cities – maybe even more than once. For most delegates, this is completely new and undiscovered part of Europe. Estonia is full of positive surprises and will definately exceed your guests´expectations. Breaking from the herd and giving delegates the chance to see this different corner of Europe is bound to boost their attendance as well as their satisfaction.

On its own though, Estonia is simply an amazing locale where the conference cities are packed with historic charm. Tallinn’s fairytale-like Old Town, among the best preserved medieval-era city centres in Europe, never fails to astonish visitors. Other conference spots, such as the university town of Tartu, offer their own centuries-old milieux in quieter surroundings, while vast areas of unspoiled nature are never far away.

All these layers of history and well kept architecture mean the country can offer some unforgettably unique event venues. How about holding your meeting in Tallinn’s gothic Town Hall, Tartu University’s grand auditorium or an ornate, renaissance-style guild house? Why not have a gala dinner in a medieval tower, a century-old seaplane harbour or an old power plant that’s been converted into a cultural space?

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Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager

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