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Top Sustainable Activities for Groups in Estonia

Like every conscientious company manager or event organiser, you want to inspire your delegates with a truly unique experience. But what if sustainability is also high on your priority list? Well, you’re in luck! Estonia happens to be a decidedly nature-loving, green-oriented culture where there are plenty of sustainable teambuilding activities to choose from. Via Hansa & Borealis, one of our DCM/PCO members, has kindly provided us with information on some of their favourites.

Plant your own tree

Deforestation is an issue that rightfully causes worry on multiple levels. Wouldn’t it be a nice to be proactive and actually fight back against the trend? This activity lets you do just that by planting your own tree in one of Estonia’s national forests. It’s also a fantastic way to get in touch with the wilder side of the country’s landscape. Available from April to October, when the weather is decent and the ground is soft enough for digging. 

Visit an upcycling studio

Estonian fashion designers have become more and more sustainability-oriented in recent years. By visiting them in their studios, you’ll hear their fascinating stories and see examples of how we can all help make a change. You can learn, for example, how 40-year-old army tents are finding new life as coats and jackets. Or how one well-known upcycling designer, Reet Aus, uses an average of 75% less water and 88% less energy in producing each of her garments. No matter if it’s fashion or accessories, a backpack made from leather waste or even a wall clock made of old vinyl records, you’ll definitely find something here to inspire.

Go mushroom or berry picking

 As a culture, Estonians have a profound, some would say spiritual, connection to their forests, which is why so many people here consider wandering through the trees hunting berries or mushrooms to be the ultimate weekend pastime. The best way to experience this phenomenon for yourself is, of course, with one of the many guided tours available. You can have your tour led by a naturalist who can introduce the local flora and fauna, or opt to have a professional chef steer you toward the best berries and edible mushrooms, and teach you how to bring out their flavours.

Note that the best mushroom picking season in Estonia is from early August to the first half of October. Delicious wild berries – cloudberries, cowberries, cranberries, blueberries, dewberries and the like – can be found from June until the first half of September.

Tour Tallinn by Fatbike

In case you’re not familiar with them, fatbikes are a kind of off-road bicycle whose oversized tyres allow them to cover pretty much any kind of terrain, be it sand, mud, water or rock. That makes them an ideal, non-polluting – not to mention healthy – way to explore Estonia’s capital and discover just what a green city it is! You can start your morning with a short, sunrise walk followed by a bike tour of the seaside or a local park. A light, warm breakfast is included in the package. It’s the perfect way to give yourself a boost of energy to kick off a productive day.

Make your own natural straws on Saaremaa

This workshop hosted on Estonia’s largest island, Saaremaa, will give your delegates hands-on experience in the all-important field of sustainable materials. In this case, the material in question is the drinking straw au naturel, which is made from the common reed growing in the coastal areas of the island. Naturally strong, waterproof and quick-growing, these natural straws are the perfect, chemical-free alternative to the infamous plastic variety. In the 1-2 hour workshop, participants learn all about the plant and the process of preparing it for use. There’s even an option to put your name or company logo on the straws, making them a great sustainable gift for any occasion.

To book any of these activities, contact Via Hansa & Borealis Estonia’s office at

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager