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Incentive Travel Ideas – Estonia

Discover how to inspire and engage your conference delegates with incentive travel ideas in Estonia to strengthen relationships and ensure an unforgettable stay.

Incentive travel provides a powerful way to inspire and engage. Whether rewarding top performers or important clients, an effective incentive travel campaign can drive the behaviours and strengthen the relationships that are crucial to an organisation’s success. In recent years, incentive travel has enjoyed a surge in popularity with increased interest, both locally and globally.

From industry to internal operations, all organisations are unique. As such, the best incentive travel programmes are always tailor made and customised to reflect the unique nature of the client’s needs and interests. Unsurprisingly, the top incentive travel destinations are those with a warm climate and rich heritage. While Estonia may have a limited supply of the former, by no means is it lacking in the latter. In fact, Estonia boasts the added bonus of being off the beaten track, making it a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

With so much to offer visitors, Estonia makes an ideal travel incentive destination. Via Hansa is a leading tour operator, destination management company, hospitality service provider and lifestyle company, encompassing a vast geographical area. Its Deputy Director shares her incentive travel ideas in Estonia and top tips for organising a successful incentive stay.

Keep clients happy with customised activities

It’s important to discover what makes your delegates tick. Although, individuals will have their own interests, settling on a common theme will help when organising activities. Special interest tours provide a popular pastime. From architecture and history to traditional cuisine and crafts, there are a range of Estonian tours from which to choose.

Walking tours give visitors a great introduction to a new location. The star attraction of Estonia’s capital Tallinn, is its medieval Old Town. This UNESCO World Heritage site is famed for its winding cobblestone streets, old merchant houses, towering churches and half-hidden courtyards. Walking tours typically take a couple of hours and take in the city’s most fascinating sights. Old Town walking tours can be tailored to meet the interests and schedule of the group.

Alternatively, a bike tour is an unforgettable and unique way to get to know the Estonian capital. This eye opening tour pedals to the city’s most attractive landmarks and historical sites.

Workshops offer another inspiring activity idea. From sculpture to Estonian chocolate or marzipan-making, participants can enjoy top tips from the professionals and the opportunity to create their own works of art.

While group activities are a great idea and help to ensure visitors connect with their co-participants, it’s also important to bear individual’s interests in mind. Offering a few alternative activity choices will ensure you allow everyone the freedom to experience their particular passions.

Why not finish an intense sight-seeing itinerary with a spa retreat? The history of spas in Estonia expands over more than two centuries. Visitors can take some time out in luxurious surroundings to alleviate the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Work the WOW factor

In a busy, digital world, with intense market competition and organisations clamouring to be heard, experiential marketing has never been more important. An experience is a physical connection, and a travel experience will make lasting memories. In this way, incentive travel can achieve compelling engagement with your brand. As such, it’s vital that your guests have an enjoyable and memorable trip.

Organise unforgettable activities and experiences that stand out from the crowd. Why not add an extra element to a walking tour of Tallinn’s Old Town, for example? Offer participants a medieval herb schnapps or surprise guests with a musical performance in one of the towers of the medieval city wall.

Tallinn is renowned for mixing the modern with the medieval. Your guests could discover Tallinn’s Old Town, not with a guide, but courtesy of modern technology. Participants can play a competitive game, using iPads, to answer questions about the history and heritage of the Estonian city.

You could also make mealtimes more memorable. Take your guests to the must-see peat bogs and mires that cover a fifth of mainland Estonia for a picnic in the fresh air. From open air dining to gala dinners, eating can be an experience in itself.

Embrace Estonia’s natural environment

Estonia boasts some spectacular scenery and inspiring natural landscapes. For visitors who enjoy the Great Outdoors, the country offers much to see and do. From wildlife watching to bog walking, visitors can explore the environment and enjoy breath-taking views. Many team building events and games are staged in natural locations, thus incorporating Estonia’s stunning landscapes into the activities.

While Estonian people live in one of the world’s most digitally-advanced societies, they are still connected to nature. Locals love nothing more than going back to basics. From foraging in forests to enjoying a bracing dip in ice cold water, why not encourage your guests to ditch all things digital for a while? Head into the wilderness with a good, local guide and enjoy a wild adventure, Estonian-style.

There’s always time to explore Estonia

Travellers usually have a limited time in which to explore a destination. As such, many incentive travel ideas are limited to a single location. While Tallinn is a spectacular city and has much to offer, there is much more to Estonia than its capital city.

Estonia is a small country, meaning visitors can explore many areas of interest with ease. Within a 30 minute drive, visitors can be at the coast, enjoying a meal at a unique seaside setting. Head to the peat bogs and within half an hour guests can traverse the landscape with the help of special bog shoes to become better acquainted with the area’s flora and fauna.

Similarly, a day trip to the popular Lahemaa National Park is equally achievable. An hour’s drive east of Tallinn, the Park is renowned for its beguiling forests, ancient bogs and coastal bluffs. From seaside fishing villages to magnificent manor houses, a day trip can take in many of the sights and sounds unique to Estonia.

Even a short stay will ensure visitors get to experience every aspect of the country’s culture. From heritage and history to adrenalin-fuelled activities and gourmet galas, Estonia is the ideal destination to make all manner of memories in a limited timeframe. Just ensure you plan ahead to secure your special programme of truly Estonian events.

If you’d like further information on incentive travels ideas in Estonia, then please contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to help with any questions from conference venues to places to visit.

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