This four-star business hotel in the centre of Tallinn was completed in 2017. With its modern architecture, light-filled interior and modern amenities, Centennial Hotel Tallinn is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. The hotel has 81 rooms, all tied together with a premium interior embellished with a Nordic minimalist feel. The centenary of Estonia is reflected in the hotel’s design by graphically showcasing the main periods of the last 100 years of Estonian history.


The Centennial Hotel Tallinn is a cosy and modern conference centre with 3 seminar rooms of different sizes and a front lounge area. The day-lit halls are named after the three key elements that underpin successful seminars, meetings and conferences – Vision, Motivation and Inspiration.

Meeting Room






Area (m²)

Visioon 100 50 40 100 60 105
Motivatsioon 70 42 36 80 40 70
Inspiratsioon 30 18 20 0 0 35


In addition to the lounge area, the restaurant opposite the conference centre has 100 seats. The menu includes both Estonian and European cuisine. Before entering the restaurant, you can gather with your company in the lounge area with a bar, ideal for welcoming guests before entering the main hall.





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Albina Maltis

Conference and Events Sales Manager

+372 5033177

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Max capacity: 100
No. of hotel rooms: 81
No. of conference rooms: 3
Distance to Airport: 4
Endla tn 15, Tallinn