Yoga on the Beach

Duration 1 hours

While having a meeting in our wellness capital Pärnu, you can offer your conference delegates fantastic opportunity to start their day with a yoga session on the beach. According to studies, exercising outdoors in nature – especially near water – helps ease stress, tension, anger and depression, and can increase happiness, satisfaction and energy. The benefits of exercising last longer when it’s done out in nature because fresh air means the body receives a healthy supply of oxygen. Even five or 10 minutes of daily physical activity outdoors is said to make a big difference in improving our well-being. As the Yoga pictures will be prettier also, your delegates can turn their friends green with envy on Instagram with a cool pic of them doing a yoga pose with a stunning beach sunset in the background.

There are several yoga teachers able to conduct yoga classes in English as well. All that is required is a quiet space where your conference delegates will have a little room to move.

Additional information: Visit Pärnu

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