Daytrip to Kihnu Island

Visit the island where women rule the world

For an unforgettable cultural experience, arrange for your group a trip from Pärnu  to nearby Kihnu island, where the centuries-old traditions and general atmosphere have been wonderfully preserved since the days when this was the domain of seafarers, fishermen and seal hunters.

Kihnu, the seventh largest island in Estonia, is an ancient island of seafarers and fishermen. The cultural heritage of Kihnu – the clothing, language music and handcrafts are part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The island is home to a close-knit community of about 700 inhabitants, who value old traditions, the language and songs of Kihnu.

There is a saying in Estonia “Tough island woman” and nowhere is this more true than on Kihnu. Men went off to fish, to hunt seals, or to work on mainland and one never knew if they were coming back. Women stayed on the island and took care of everyday errands– doing all the farm work, fishing when needed, and making the handicraft. On Kihnu women have carried the traditions for centuries and they lead the community to this day.

Culture lovers are sure to be delighted by home visits, truck car tours and fishing trips offered in Kihnu. A beautiful view of the entire island, the surrounding islets and the sea opens up from the top of the local lighthouse.

A great way to discover more of the island is to take a tour of Kihnu, which takes you through all four villages on the island. This 23-km tour includes sights across the entire island. The tours can be taken both by car or on foot; another great option is to borrow a bike from the island.

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