Tallinn Food Tour

Tallinn Food Tour is a combined food & drink & city tour, which gives you the opportunity to discover the real soul of the city and country by locals, and get to feel and know Estonia through its kitchen. It’s more than a tour, it’s more than a good meal – its an experience!

Tallinn Food Tour combines personalised city tour with various typical for the region food & drink stops. This food tour of Tallinn takes you on a culinary excursion through the Old Town, including stops at the neighbouring Baltic Station Market and gives you a chance to experience the smells, flavours and stories of Estonian cuisine. You will also get to see some of the most beautiful parts of the Old Town and nearby Kalamaja quarter and hear exciting stories about Estonian history and the country today.

How to describe Estonian Cuisine – Nordic with a twist, or a touch from Russia and a bit of German? Take a glimpse into its surprisingly vivid culinary scene during our Tallinn Food Tour. You’ll have around 6 food & drink stops combined with strolls on historical cobblestone streets of Tallinn Old Town and in Kalamaja area.

Tallinn Food Tour includes around 6 food and drink stops based on local traditional and modern food and drinks. You will be served a soup or broth, various local food samples, like black rye bread, traditional Estonian open-faced spiced sprat sandwiches, some sweets and also samples of modern Estonian cuisine.

You will be served some local drinks, like ‘Kali’ or/and ‘Kama’, a glass of Sea Buckthorn or Birch juice and the tour concludes either with a good cup of locally roasted coffee, served along with a piece of cake, or with local craft beer or berry and fruit wine degustation.

During this ~3 hour combined city & food tour you will get the first impression on the variety of culinary scene in Estonia, where it came and where is it heading to, along with stories and legends told by our professional tour guides.

*Please note that this is foremost food & drink tasting tour. You’ll not be left with empty stomach but the menu of the food tour is not directly equivalent to 3-course meal f.i.

*Please note that food and drink stops and the menu can vary a bit depending on the season.

Book directly with:

Food Sightseeing Estonia

Tel: +372 5250 519

Email: info@foodsightseeing.ee


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