Make-a-Movie Film Festival

Duration 3 hours


Everyone watches and loves movies. So what better way to stretch your team’s creativity and communication skills then have them plan, script, direct, perform and edit their very own 5 minute cinematic masterpiece. Whatever your occasion or objective you can be sure that your team’s are in for an entertaining, rewarding and above all motivational team building experience. „Film Festival” is a great team building activity. The scenario of this TallinnFilm Clip Shooting team building starts with the missing clips for the big Film Festival event. Your team will have to save the day and create Film Clips to go on a big screen in the evening.This fun and entertaining team building requires all the team member to do the best affords to shooting the film clips / trailers – actors, camera man, screen writer all the skills are needed. The aim is to create 5 trailers and not to forget to enjoy the game!

There are 5 film categories to be awarded: Nature movie, horror, action, advertisement and home video. Each movie company has to make 5 treilers – one in each category. When everything is ready, the show will start – Fun Day Film Festival. All clips will be watched on a big screen and members of Film Academy (one member from each team) will rate the results – category by category. After the hilarious screening of each trailer during the wrap party, judges will announce the winning team and award prizes to the talente winners!

During the shooting, all kind of costumes and props are available.

  • Number of participants:  10 – 180
  • Duration:  2 – 3 hours
  • Language: Estonian, English, Russian and Finish
  • Film Festival takes place in rain or shine. It can be played 100% inside.

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