TNC -the Largest and Most Prestigious European Research and Education Networking Conference takes place in Tallinn

TNC – the largest and most prestigious European research and education networking conference will take place in Tallinn June 16-20. It brings together decision makers, managers, networking and collaboration specialists, plus identity and access management experts from all major European networking and research organisations, universities and worldwide sister institutions, as well as numerous  industry representatives.

TNC19, the conference’s 35th edition, will be hosted by EENet of HITSA, the Estonian Education and Research Network. EENet’s is a structural unit of HITSA (Information Technology Foundation for Education) whose main role is to ensure the development and stable functioning of the information technology infrastructure necessary for research, education and culture in Estonia. EENet ensures the functioning of a data network corresponding to the specific needs of Estonian academic institutions, the provision of data communications and content services and their development. The conference will be held in Tallinn Creative Hub.

Dates: 16 – 20 June 2019

Venue: Tallinn Creative Hub

Source of the News: Geant

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager