Michelin Guide arrives in Estonia

The Michelin Guide, the best-known, most prestigious and most experienced restaurant recognition system, which the Estonian tourism and food sector has been waiting for years, has arrived in Estonia. The best restaurants in Estonia will receive Michelin Star(s) in May, 2022.

Having MICHELIN in Estonia is a great recognition of our restaurant landscape. It shows that the Estonian culinary scene, which is not yet well known in the world, has been enriched by a strong food tradition that takes influence from the best of world cuisine. Estonian master chefs are highly skilled, ensuring that the dishes offered in Estonian restaurants are special and of high quality.

The Michelin Guide now rates over 30,000 establishments in 37 territories across three continents. As of 2021, France has the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world – a whopping 632 of them. Japan is ranked second, with 413 restaurants, followed by Italy (363), Germany (305), and Spain (212). The most decorated chef by the Michelin Guide is a French chef Alain Ducasse, who in total holds 17 Michelin stars in his restaurants across the world.

Estonia has become the first of the Baltic countries to be included in the Michelin Guide. Finland has seven restaurants that has been awarded a star by Michelin. Sweden has a single three-star Michelin restaurant, four two-star restaurants and 14 one-star restaurants.

Source: Visit Estonia

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager