Tallinn Film Wonderland studios to open in 2022

A major film studio complex in the Estonian capital of Tallinn has finally been given an opening date after city officials revealed the location of the development.

Tallinn Film Wonderland will be constructed in the northern part of the city, rejuvenating an industrial wasteland on the Paljassaare peninsula, and is set to open in January 2022.

In this first phase, three sound stages and additional production buildings will be constructed to provide state-of-the-art facilities to both the local and international film and television industry. In the long-term, the entire area will be redeveloped with residential and commercial buildings.

The total area of the complex will cover 57,000 square metres while the studio area will comprise around 3,500 square metres. The largest of the three studios will cover 1,200 square metres and be 14 metres high.

Tallinn Film Wonderland was established by production companies Allfilm, Filmivabrik, Kinosaurus, Nafta Films, Stellar, Taska Productions and Film Industry Cluster consolidating 17 Estonian production firms. TFW is responsible for both creating and building the studio complex as well as operating it in the future.

Source: Screen Daily

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager