Pärnu´s best restaurants have been listed in White Guide Nordic

The restaurant guide White Guide Nordic has announced the new lineup of the best restaurants in Estonia. The list includes more than seventy restaurants in Estonia as top-quality dining experiences. These restaurants came from every region of the country, showing off both the talent and the diversity of Estonian cuisine.T

he White Guide team anonymously visits hundreds of restaurants each year and at the end of the year ranks them according to quality of food, level of service, innovation in approach and general atmosphere. According to the total of points gained, the restaurants are divided into four categories: Global Masters Level, Masters Level, Very Fine Level, and Fine Level. Also, recommended restaurants deserve an extra mention.   

Pärnu´s best restaurants which have been listed in White Guide Nordic for 2022 are:

Villa Ammende’s restaurant scored 73 points, of which 31 earned for food. The score of restaurant Raimond was 69/29, restaurant Mon Ami 67/28 and café Supelsaksad 61/25

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Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager