Tartu Conference Ambassadors and International Conferences Honoured at Annual Gala Reception

Tartu Convention Bureau, along with top officials from Tartu City Government and  The Estonian Convention Bureau hosted a gala event last night to inaugurate new conference ambassadors as well as acknowledge the 14 international conferences held in the city last year.

Tartu Mayor Urmas Klaas, Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm and Dana Neemre of Tartu Convention Bureau  thanked local ambassadors for  their hard work, enthusiasm and dedication for raising the profile of Tartu as a global centre of excellence.

Recognitions were handed out to acknowledge the outstanding work and determination of just a few of those influential ambassadors, responsible for securing conferences and promoting Tartu as a business tourism destination on the global stage.

Conferences  celebrated on the evening included:

  • Eurachem Workshop and General Assembly 2019
  • Empirical Methods in Cognitive Linguistics 8: Open Science & Transparency Methods workshop (EMCL-8)
  • The 2nd Baltic Conference of Pediatric Radiology and Radioprotection
  • EGEA North and Baltic Regional Congress 2019
  • IFSS 2019 – International Forestry Students Symposium
  • EVBRES COST Action Workshop in Tartu
  • 13th Annual International Conference on Comparative Mythology
  • AINL: Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Conference
  • Asia Update 2019: Globalising Asia
  • 10th International Conference Biosystems Engineering 2019
  • EAPRIL2019 – Meaningful learning in different settings
  • NEMO 2019 “Museums 2030 – Sharing recipes for a better future”
  • 17th Annual Conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions (EASR) – “Religion – Continuations and Disruptions”
  • ISCI 2019 „Children in the World: The Touch of Change: Theories, Policies and Practices”

Taking place at Tartu’s newest venue, the  University of Tartu Delta Centre, the annual Ambassador reception was attended by Tartu’s business, scientific and academic elite, world recognised leaders in their field.

Tartu’s Conference and Ambassador Programme is a free support and advise service, managed by Tartu Convention Bureau, aimed at supporting local academics, scientists, healthcare professionals through the process of bringing a conference to Tartu.

Tartu, Estonia´s second largest city, is considered the capital of Southern Estonia. Its status as both the nation’s primary university city and a busy technology hub have made it a particular magnet for science- and research-related events.

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager