New capacity caps for events will be introduced from August 9th

From August 9, new capacity caps will be introduced which limit the number of people allowed to gather at indoor events to 50 and those at outdoor events to 100 if no checks are made on entry.

The number of participants can be higher if the organizer ensures coronavirus certificates are checked on entry. In such cases, there may be up to 6,000 attendees indoors and up to 12,000 outdoors. The COVID-19 certificates of all attendants must be checked, their authenticity and validity must be verified, and in case of doubt, the identity of the person providing the certificate must be established.

Certificates are not required for people under 18 as they have not yet had the chance to get vaccinated.

The new rules apply to public meetings and events, including conferences, theater performances, concerts, cinema screenings, entertainment, worship services, museums and exhibitions. They also cover sports, coaching, youth work, hobbies and education, in-service training and education, sporting competitions and events, public saunas, spas, swimming pools and water parks.

Additionally, wearing a mask on public transport is mandatory from Monday, August 2 after the government agreed to reintroduce the rule to try and limit the spread of coronavirus

The new rules can be seen on the government’s website here.


Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager