Meeskond Security OÜ Provides Antigen Testing for Events

Service introduction:
1. The Covid-19 antigen rapid testing procedure will be done by experienced and skilled professionals
2. We can reccommend and give feedback on different tests, wich would be most cost-effective and userfriendly, aslo wich tests would most suitable for specific event
3. When arriving to pre-event testing, one should always wear a protective mask and have no signs of disease(cough, cold, fever, tiredness)
4. Arrival of people to pre-event rapid testing should be zoned or scattered, to prevent the contacts of untested persons
5. The testing could be done in tents, wide open space buildings etc.
6. Waiting time for testresults is 15 minutes from the moment the test sampple was taken
7. In ideal conditions, two persons can test approximately 40 persons per hour.

The Goal:
The goal is to detect infectous persons before they enter the events and prevent the spreading of the disease.
In our experience the best results will be achieved when using Covid-19 antigen rapid testing with other complex measures of infection prevention:
wearing protective masks, zoning and spreading the crowd, desinfection of surfaces and hands, proper internel rules of conduct etc)

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Meeskond Security OÜ

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager