Külli Karing becomes the President of the Estonian Travel and Tourism Association

The council of the Estonian Travel and Tourism Association (ETFL) approved Külli Karing, the former Vice-President of the organisation, who previously headed it in 20142018, as its new President.

Having just been elected President, Külli Karing says that the association is to expect a busy year ahead and ensuring the best attainable connection of Estonia with the rest of the world is still very important for Estonian travel companies. One of the key events for the association this year is the 29th international travel trade fair Tourest, which will be held in one month and will bring the best Estonian travel trade professionals together for three days. Karing believes the issues related to sustainable tourism are becoming more and more important in the world and Estonia alike.

“People from Estonia love travelling, and we can see that interest in as well as demand for professionally organised travel services is great. More and more people turn to travel companies for expert advice and confidence they need in the vast information expanse,” Karing said.

“People want reliable information about travel destinations, ideas about safe and sustainable travelling and someone to help them plan the entire trip guaranteeing that it goes smoothly,” she added.

According to Karing, tourism is an important economic sector for Estonia, providing one tenth of the country’s export revenue. This is why efforts must continue to promote Estonia in the world as an attractive year-round holiday and conference destination for a steady increase in the numbers of foreign tourists visiting the state.

Merike Hallik, who was the president of the association since, resigned from office. The management of the Estonian Travel and Tourism Association would like to thank Merike Hallik for her immense contribution to the development of the tourism sector. Merike Hallik also received the Best Tourism Promoter Award two years ago.

“In addition to her work in Estonia, Merike Hallik has made a substantial contribution to serving the interests and developing the travel sector on the international level during her two-year term as the President of the European Travel Agents’ and Tour Operators’ Associations (ECTAA)” Karing said.

The next regular elections of the management board and president of the Estonian Association of Travel Agents are to be held in May 2020.

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager