Europe’s largest virtual studio has been set up in Estonia

Royal Experience, an agency that has been providing high-quality event marketing services in Estonia for more than twenty years, is helping to organize European Space Week and Global Santa Claus Congress this week together with its partners. For these events, Europe’s largest virtual studio has been built to Saku Suurhall.

Royal Experience, an event marketing company operating in Tallinn, announced that the largest virtual studio in Europe is currently located in Estonia. With the help of local and foreign partners, they will be hosting two major events there this week: European Space Week that kicks off tomorrow and Global Santa Claus Congress that starts on December 13th.

Over the past year, Royal Experience has grown from a small company with three employees to an agency with 35 employees. This increase of more than 1000% has been possible thanks to an innovative cooperation model between private companies, where 15 top players of the field are working under the same roof. Together, the new brand Global Virtual Solutions has already organized 250 virtual events in 151 countries and 5 different continents this year.

Lehari Kaustel, the CEO of Royal Experience and author of the cooperation project idea, says that their strong cooperation model has brought Estonia to a whole new level globally. “Together, we are able to produce virtual events on a completely new and very high international standard. Together, we are a team with even stronger competencies and diverse backgrounds, ready to offer fast and high-quality services around the world. Our common goal is to bring international success to Estonia as an innovative digital country, ” said Kaustel.

Today’s collaboration is not new for Royal Experience. Similar models have been used in the past, but never to such an extent. Today, in addition to Royal Experience, Eventech, Miltton Group, Cisco Systems, TwoOne, Kultuurikatel, Minu Rada, ProLab, Valge Klaar, Telia, Futuruum, Sorainen, Digiscope, VOK DAMs and Creative Union have joined the consortium. Together, many procurements and cooperation agreements have been won, a few last ones also with United Nations.

Today, Estonia has become a leader of top events in private and public sector in the Nordic countries and elsewhere in Europe. For example, this new form of cooperation includes virtual discussions between the United States and European Union, three-sea virtual summit between presidents, Business Survival Summit that has brought together entrepreneurs around the world, and a virtual UN Security Council meeting regarding Afghanistan – all taken place this year.

Royal Experience was founded in Tallinn in 1996, thus being one of the first event marketing agencies in Estonia and since 2000 it is a member of Creative Union. Even before Covid-19, agency’s portfolio included more than 900 special events and 100 campaigns in nine countries.


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