Estonia launched the EU digital COVID certificates

Estonia launched the EU digital COVID certificates on June 10th. In addition to the immunisation certificate the Estonian people can now also create a COVID recovery certificate and negative test certificate on the national patient portal ( Counterfeit-proof certificates will enable safer travel in the European Union. The European Union’s digital COVID certification gateway will be fully operational from July 1st.

As of today, it is possible to create three new certificates on the patient portal to prove your vaccination, COVID-19 recovery or a negative coronavirus test result.

“More than half a million Estonians have been vaccinated against COVID-19, either partially or completely, and this number is growing by tens of thousands every week. In addition, we have more than 100,000 people who have recovered from COVID-19. The new COVID certificates make it easier and safer to travel and also to participate in major events in Estonia,” said Tanel Kiik, the Minister of Health and Labor.

“We introduce a complete solution of three different certificates – confirming vaccination against COVID-19, a negative test result or recovery. At the moment, all three certificates are still used in only a few countries across the EU. The countries will gradually join by July 1,” explained Katrin Reinhold, the director of Health and Welfare Information System Centre.

Previously established national vaccination certificates are still valid and remain in the patient portal. A certificate that meets the requirements of the EU digital COVID certificate framework will be created during June.

“As there may be a lot of interest in creating certificates on the first days, we ask you to create it when the need arises. Primarily, the certificates are intended for travelling in the EU, “added Katrin Reinhold.

The EU digital COVID certificate is neither a passport  nor a travel document and is not a precondition for crossing the border, but may, for example, provide an exemption from self-isolation, depending on the requirements in the country of destination. When traveling, one should always look up the requirements in force in the country of destination. Additional information can be found on the website:

Last week, the government approved the proposals of the Minister of Enterprise and Information Technology Andres Sutt for the national use of the COVID certificates. “The use of digital certificates gives entrepreneurs more freedom to offer their activities and services to a larger number of people and ensures that the easing of restrictions does not lead to a new wave of infection,” said Minister Andres Sutt. “In order to ensure the safety of all participants, as of 14 June, up to 3,000 people indoors and up to 9,000 people outdoors per calendar day may take part in activities without an additional limit.”

To ensure the safety only people who have been fully vaccinated against the disease, have received one dose of vaccine and recovered from COVID-19, have taken a negative PCR test within 72 hours or have done a rapid on-site negative antigen test are allowed to attend. If a person does not have a digital certificate or does not want to use it, the organizer must ensure that rapid antigen tests can be performed on site.

Similarly to the current immunization certificate, all three certificates can be created and downloaded on the patient portal. The certificate can be used both on a smart device and be printed out. the Health and Welfare Information Systems Center has created a website for the verification of the certificates.

According to the government regulation vaccinated people are free from the obligation of self-isolation when they enter the country or become close contact with the infected person within one year after the vaccine course. The isolation exemption for people recovered from COVID-19 is valid for six months from the date of recovery.

The technical solution was developed in cooperation with the Health and Welfare Information Systems Center, Nortal, Industry62 and Guardtime, as well as the Information Technology and Development Center of the Ministry of the Interior.

FAQ about EU COVID digital certificates:

Source: Ministry of Social Affairs

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager