Book an island

Kestvus 10 tundi

Why stay in a room when you can book an island? We have some awesome news for you – Estonia has 2222 islands and it IS possible to BOOK AN ENTIRE ISLAND FOR YOUR GROUP!

Experience Viirelaid – the real and only private island to rent in the North Europe! 360 degrees view of the sea, long history A.D 1556, working lighthouse, delicious local food. Viirelaid island is an unique paradise, an escape, crafted with love, inspired by our surroundings and history.

Rest assured; you’ll experience all the timeless moments middle of nature you’ve earned for! For people who can’t just stay calm has different activities – SUP boarding, sunset tours, swimming with seals, orienteering game around the island, playing table tennis, volleyball, Zorb football and many other crazy activities.

Meeting facilities available for up to 50 – 80 guests. Contact our DMCs for a proposal!

Salvesta oma valikud lemmikuks! Nimekirja saate hiljem vaadata, salvestada pdf failiks ning saata endale ja kolleegidele emailile.