Activities in Vihula Manor

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A romantic, village-like setting, historical buildings, picture-perfect natural surroundings and rich cultural heritage make the wonderfully-restored Vihula manor complex an unforgettable destination for any event. The vast grounds of Vihula Manor and the beautiful Lahemaa National Park offer various leisure time activities – enjoy the scenic manor and forest views from a romantic boat tour, take a bicycle trip to the nearby sandy beach or neighboring Sagadi Manor, trundle through the vast manor area on a battery-powered golf buggy or hike along our nature trails.

The selection on best activities in Vihula manor:


Vihula Manor is a charming 16th century estate with two main manor houses and 25 other historical buildings in a village-like setting, holding many legends, stories and secrets about life through   centuries. Walk with guide through manor’s beautiful parkland and hear all the great stories. Visit the ancient Water Mill or see the history of spirits and vodka distillation in Vihula Manor Vodka Distillery.

Duration 1,5 hours


Start with treasure hunt and find the hidden garden at the manor grounds, then pick your own peppermint from the garden. Under guidance of the bar staff, find out your talents in cocktail making or inventing a youth elixir at manor’s Vodka Distillery. After improving your cocktail skills it is time to enjoy the result; or take the youth elixir home as a souvenir.

Recommendable after dinner activity; can be arranged also as a short break after the seminar, before team building etc. Fresh peppermint from the manor garden and Mojito making kit make also nice give-away gift. Recommendable (during June-Oct, when fresh peppermint is growing more authentic), but possible also all other times

Duration 30 minutes


Vodka distillation was historically one of the main economic activities of Vihula Manor. Initially the production was covering only the needs of the estate itself, but later the production was expanded and a vast part of the vodka production was sold to the state and to the neighboring endless market of Russian Empire.

Today the Distillery houses the Vodka Museum with a small exhibition about the history of vodka distillation in Estonia and at Vihula Manor. After entertaining vodka history tour, there is a degustation of 5 different sorts of vodka and you hear stories about traditions how to drink vodka. Taste also freshly baked black rye bread, pickles and salted pork – all the snacks that suit perfectly to vodka. Or better the royal way, with vodka and caviar?

Duration 1 hour


How to travel thorough the three Baltic countries in couple of hours and visit the main sites of these countries? Take part at “Tour de Baltics” tournament! The 18-hole Vihula Manor Mini-Golf ground is set up as territory of Baltic countries, with the highlights of nature and architecture in all three countries. Vihula Manor Mini-GoIt is a fun and educating way to spend an afternoon with mini-golf tournament and makes a great team activity, followed by award ceremony. Located on a river island, the picturesque scenery of ancient nature and old manor makes a unique backdrop to the event.

Duration 45 minutes


Enjoy the beautiful views on the short boat ride of 1 km on picturesque Mustoja River, curving around the manor ensemble and ending with a picnic in the park. Alternatively, why not enjoy your picnic in the Park Pavilion, river islands, bridges or on the balcony of your room.


In addition to a tour of the manor or a wine tasting program, we offer the opportunity to prepare your own Vihula schnapps by the old recipes of the manor.

Duration 10 minutes , capacity 4-20 per at once


Wet felting is a traditional method of interlocking and compacting wool fibers using warm water, soap and rubbing to cause friction which binds the fibers together.

The art of felting is mindfulness in action! Repeatedly pulling roving’s to make your felt layers trains you to relax. The process of wet felting the layers together is rhythmic and soothing. It’s the perfect craft for people who may experience stress, anxiety, frustration as the process is relaxing and calming.

Duration 30 minutes , capacity 4-20 per at once


Why not rent a golf buggy for an hour to discover the Vihula Manor complex – an incredibly fun time is guaranteed! With the golf buggy, you can visit the historical buildings of the manor complex, the beautiful nooks and crannies or simply enjoy the beautiful nature around the manor. You can get a map of the manor from the Water Mill and drive through all the important places. The 4-seater buggies are easy to use – no previous experience or license is required. The buggies are electric powered and therefore clean and silent and most of all environmentally friendly

There is lots of excitement in store for you! Great for families and the kids will really love it!

Duration 60 minutes


You are welcome to hand craft evening  to make a new antique furnishings element from the old-fashioned and unused things. Decoupage (or decoupage) is the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf and so on. The traditional technique used 30–40 layers of varnish which were then sanded to a polished finish. This was known in 18th century England as the art of Japanning after its presumed origins.

Duration 1 hour, capacity 12 persons


Who wouldn’t have been drinking coffee or tea from a clay cup or eating a clay bowl. Would you like to try to prepare something exciting with your own hands?  Estonian well-known artists Georg Bogatkin and Airike Taniloo – Bogatkini can explore the fascinating world of clay. Every participant has the opportunity to make a cup of clay as a gift for himself or a friend. Burned works of art will be delivered to you in a couple of weeks. The price includes workshop instruction, materials and burning of works on high heat.

Duration approximately 1.5 h

For more information on Vihula conference rooms, accommodation and activities, please contact Vihula manor sales team!

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