Terrain in the forrest is exciting and bumpy, sand on the beach is soft and smooth. A fatbike is a further development of an off-road bicycle and its most distinctive elements are the oversized tires. Fatbikes move on sandy beach quite effortlessly. Have you ever thought that cycling in the sand can be fun and easy?

Well now you have opportunity to try it! These bikes have wider tires which helps us to discover places where one can´t go with regular MTB. It is possible to ride longer distance with less effort and see much more.These bikes have wider tires which helps us to discover places where one can´t go with regular MTB.

There are several  fat bike tour options near Tallinn as the ideal choice for observing Estonian wild nature.

Türisalu cliff fatbike tour

One of the nature sightseeing of this tour is 31 meters high Türisalu cliff, which offers a wonderful view of the sea and Vääna beach. Fatbikes are perfect for travelling along the border of the sea and the sky as the oversized tires are meant for conquering difficult landscapes.  The tour starts at the Keila-Joa manor park where group will follow a river until it leads straight to the beach!

The price includes tour-guide services, a fatbike and a helmet, a reflective vest, and a bike bag.

Lahemaa National park fatbike tours  

Explore the most northern mainland part of Estonia. This mysterious land was kept closed in The Soviet Union era and so this part of Estonia is especially well preserved. In the middle of forrest and nature this place can reveal itself from the side, that you did not expect from the place like that. In this journey you will try, how fatbikes work on sand, gravel, forrest trails and a bit even on asfalt. Tour starts from the village Pärispea and takes you through the main sightseeing of the peninsula, including abandoned Soviet research center .

Duration: about 3 hours