Green Meetings in Estonia

A Clean, Green Country

  • How Green? Estonia ranks among the eight greenest countries in the world, according to Yale University’s 2016 Environmental Performance Index.
  • Untouched: As much as 50% of Estonia is covered by forests. Add the peat bogs and other nature areas and the wilderness coverage goes up to 70%. The average population density is just 29 people per km2, among the lowest in Europe.
  • Park life. Estonia’s cities are filled with parks and relaxing nature spots.
  • Take a deep breath. The World Health Organization has rated Estonia’s air quality as the 7th best in the world. The tap water is also pure and drinkable.
  • Be part of nature. Estonia is surrounded by beautiful nature, there is no need for long drive in order to feel and experience the fragile but breath-taking Estonian nature.
  • Enjoy the quietness. Estonia has a low level of noise pollution, which gives a great possibility to enjoy the calmness and greenery of the surrounding.

Local & Organic

  • Farm fresh: 15% of all farmland in Estonia is used for organic farming.
  • Local is trendy. Venues, caterers, hotels and restaurants prefer using locally-produced, organic products.

Easy Travel, Less Carbon

  • Just walk it. Everything is so compact and close by in Estonia’s conference cities (Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu) that getting to most places requires only 5 to 10 minutes of healthy, low-carbon foot power.
  • Or hop aboard: Country promotes the use of public transport, as the public transport tickets are cheaper than the European average.

Paperless E-Estonia

  • It’s all online. Estonia is one of the most advanced e-societies in the world. Work and data have largely moved to cyberspace, drastically reducing the use of paper. The same trend means that bank card payment is accepted pretty much everywhere.
  • Free Wi-Fi. It’s easy to stay connected and go paperless in Estonia by using the free, reliable internet connections that are available in all hotels and meeting places.

Green Certifications

  • Green Key: The country offers a variety of hotels and venues carrying the international Green Key label. The green key certified hotels and venues can be found here:
  • Estonia’s own eco-tourism certification label, EHE, has been awarded to numerous eco-friendly service providers, social activities and programmes.


 List of the Green Key certified ECB Member hotels: