The Culture and Education Center Viimsi Artium is a modern, open, and interdisciplinary cultural center where performing arts, classical, jazz, pop, and rock music, art, film, science, and education converge. It is located in Viimsi parish, approximately a 20-minute drive from Tallinn city center.

The multifunctional cultural center offers plenty of opportunities for creating unique experiences and events. Viimsi Artium can host conferences, seminars, receptions, inspiration days, as well as corporate events, Christmas parties, and other special occasions.

Viimsi Artium also serves as a community center for both adults and children, catering to various target groups including young people, families with children, and senior citizens. Its primary goal is to rejuvenate local cultural and social life while fostering connections between different generations and interest groups. Viimsi Artium is home to a Recreation Center and three hobby schools: Viimsi Music School, Viimsi Art School, and Science School. It prioritises the intersection of education and the arts, offering opportunities for comprehensive personality development through engagement in arts and science, as well as exposure to high-quality cultural programs.

Rooms to Rent

For events, Viimsi Artium offers a wide range of rooms of different sizes and profiles – a large hall (up to 452 seats), a chamber hall (up to 130 seats), a black box (up to 110 seats), a spacious foyer suitable for catering, a contemporary art gallery, an outdoor stage, and a rooftop terrace. If necessary, Viimsi Artium also provides technical services, artistic consultation, or production services in addition to room rental.

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Large Hall 452 600 461
Chamber Hall 150 142,1
Blackbox 130 300 161,4
Contemporary Art Gallery 90 120
Outdoor stage 200
Foyer 275


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Max capacity: 452
No. of conference rooms: 3