Alexela Concert Hall is located in the Solaris Centre, a multifunctional entertainment and culture centre in the heart of Tallinn, just a short stroll from the city’s best hotels, the stunning Old Town and most essential sights. Alexela Concert Hall’s Grand Hall seats 1829 guests on three levels: 1030 in parterre, 491 on first balcony and 308 on second balcony. First 8 rows of the parterre are removable, cleaning up 190 m2 of floor space and leaving 717 seats in the parterre.

Green Key: Alexela Concert Hall is the first conference and cultural centre in Estonia to be awarded with a Green Key ecolabel, a leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility. Following Green Key principles, shows the commitment of the company for reducing its ecological footprint and adoption of environmental management policy for structural implementation.


The hall is equipped with the most modern video, light and sound solutions and is using electronic acoustic enhancement system. The Grand hall offers the possibility of installing 6 translation booths on the first balcony, which could use additional video and sound channels available and could also record the signal. The Grand Hall has a 20×14 m main stage with a portal of 9m in height, a back stage (68 m2), two side stages (93 m2 and 100 m2), and a 19×10 m extra screen are available. In addition greenroom at the back of the stage and in total of 13 artist wardrobes, which are all equipped with monitors.

Alexela Concert Hall’s 3300 m2 of multifunctional foyers, which are distributed throughout five floors, are ready to meet the most exquisite and demanding needs and to impress any delegate. All foyers are equipped to offer catering services to hold receptions and banquets and are also suitable for exhibitions and presentations.

In addition to the Grand Hall, Alexela Concert Hall has the capacity to offer cinema rooms as additional halls in total of 9. All cinema rooms vary in sizes and serve as a fully functional convention and presentation rooms that are all connected to Alexela Concert Hall through third floor.

See the Alexela Concert Hall Meeting Planner for more detailed information!


In collaboration with catering companys Alexela Concert Hall’s lobbys on 5 floors provide an excellent possibilty to hold receptions and banquets. Alexela Concert Hall has a total of 6 bars on five floors. In addition a Theatre Café on a ground floor, Baileys Lounge on 2nd floor and an exclusive G.H.Mumm Lounge on 3rd floor.


Name of Hall






Area (m²)

Main Hall parterre 717 / 1030
Main Hall 1st balcony 491
Main Hall 2nd balcony 308
Main Hall total 1829
Theatre Cafe 50 30 40 70 30 251
G.H. Mumm Lounge 12 15 12 27
Baileys Lounge 100 70 70
0-floor foyer 400 200 1256
1st-floor foyer 350 100 565
2nd-floor foyer 100 50 40+ 350 80 765
3rd-floor foyer 80 30 40+ 150 50 466
4th-floor foyer 80 30 30+ 150 50 442




Size (m2)

Space between screen and first row
Cinema Hall 1 505 612 19,5 m x 6,5 m
Cinema Hall 2 409 536 18 m x 7,5 m
Cinema Hall 3 224 301 14 m x 3,5 m
Cinema Hall 4 181 230 10 m x 1 m
Cinema Hall 5 74 107 7,5 m x 2 m
Cinema Hall 6 84 107 7,5 m x 1,5 m
Cinema Hall 7 83 107 8 m x 1,5 m
Cinema Hall 8 181 184 14 m x 3,5 m
Cinema Hall 9 72 105 8,5 m x 2,5 m


The Alexela Concert Hall is fully committed to combining entertainment and environmental sustainability, believing that the two can coexist in harmony. The company is dedicated to reducing their ecological footprint and adheres to an environmental management system that includes several ecologically sustainable measures.

The Concert Hall uses environmentally friendly technologies, conscientiously sorts all produced waste, uses local produce, and pays great attention to reasonable energy consumption. To reduce food waste and their ecological footprints, visitors are encouraged to pre-order their food online for concert intermissions and use electronic tickets.

To increase environmental awareness, a €1.00 service charge is added to all ticket prices and invested in environmentally sustainable development. The company emphasises that achieving environmental sustainability requires informed choices from both them and their visitors and are proud of the Green Key label they were awarded in 2018.

Read more about their Green Key vision here: Alexela Concert Hall’s Green Key




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Aivar Sirelpuu

General Manager

+372 615 5111

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Max capacity: 1829
No. of conference rooms: 10
Distance to City center: 9 min walking
Distance to Airport: 10 min by taxi
In total on 6 cafes on five floors
Theatre Café on ground floor
Baileys Lounge on 2nd floor
G.H.Mumm Lounge on 3rd floor
Alexela Concert Hall
Estonia pst. 9, Tallinn 10143