Tallinn Old Town Adventure Game “Action Track“

Duration 2 hours

Adventure Game “Action Track“ is a truly modern competitive adventure between teams that leads to the most important sights in the Old Town

First, the participants are divided into small groups (3-5 persons in each team). The goal is to find answers to the Old Town related questions. Each team gets an electronic device that leads them around on the streets in the search of checkpoints in the Tallinn Old Town. Ate checkpoints the team has to solve different kind of multimedia-based tasks and some checkpoints have even costumed characters.  The game takes the participants to visit the most amazing places of the Old Town including viewing platforms, medieval towers, the Town Hall Square, oldest pharmacy in Europe and many more spectacular sights.

The game will begin and end with the “game controller” who will do the introduction to the game and afterwards tell the results on how the teams performed.

This game can be customized according to the group by adding tasks or questions regarding the people participating (questions about colleagues, topics of the conference and so on…). It is a tour that is a mix of history and entertainment.

Adventure start and finish can be chosen anywhere in the city or finish in the restaurant where the dinner is planned.

Season: The event can be organised all year-round as well as done in the dark, at night. The LED head lamp and a reflector to each participant are provided. The raincoats are given in case of rain.
Duration: The game lasts about 2 hours.

Group size: from 10 to 700 participants.

“My Digital Planner” feature allows users to choose specific venues, hotels, activities and suppliers for their events, save their results as ‘favourites’, convert them PDF files and send the information by email.