Photo Hunt Challenge

In this exciting group challenge, teams are given photographs and are tasked with navigating the local area and finding the location where each was taken. Then their job is to take as creative a photo as they can in the same place. The active, orienteering portion of the photo hunt is followed by a viewing of the photos, which can be organised immediately after the hunt or later as a part of a lunch or dinner. This activity can be arranged wherever you like – in Tallinn’s Old Town, a nature area or anywhere else. ‘Hunting’ does not require great physical effort and is suitable for people of all ages.

Location: There are practically no limits on where photo hunts can be held. The ‘hunt’ may take place in nature, in town, in the countryside, at lodging establishments etc.

Season: This game can be played all year around. It also works in the dark! We will provide a LED headlamp for every participant. If it rains, raincoats will be provided.

Group sizes: Up to 200 people at a time can participate in a photo hunt. Groups of 15-60 are especially appropriate for ‘hunting’. The optimal number for one team is 5-8 people.

Duration: The game lasts about 3 hours. The active portion of the photo hunt takes 2,5 hours and a few kilometers are covered in the course of the hunt. Viewing the photos after the hunt takes 0,5 to 1 hour.

Language: The game can be conducted in English.

If you need your team to relax and have fun after long seminars. It will clear your head from work thoughts and leads you to the creative world. We guarantee laughter and good humour during 2 hours amusing walk. In order to win the game open yourself for creativeness, courage and originality!

The objective of a photo hunt is to find the right location and make a creative photo according to the caption. The aim is to enjoy, have fun and of course to beat the other teams with the funnier pictures. The team will be given a guidelines of the game, printed photographs  and an electronic device. During the allotted time, the team must find as many locations as possible and snap new photo on the same locations according to the instructions.

The active orienteering-hunting is followed by a viewing of the photos, which may be organized after the hunt or later, as part of a dinner, party or other program.

Provided by: Baltic Tours, Conference Expert


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