Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes in Estonia

Nowadays corporate social responsibility (CSR) matters – we all (both consumers and employees) want to make the world a better place, whether on a macro or micro scale. Businesses that include CSR as a cornerstone of their practice and include it into events will likely attract both loyal customers and committed talent. A novel and unique way to spend time team building or to hold a customer event is to take part in socially responsible activities and give something back to the community, and thus the world.

This concept starts with the event host choosing a region or community, and engaging with the locals to determine their worries and needs. The whole team then comes together and lends a helping hand. Some activities over the past have included painting park benchescleaning the beachfront, helping elders with daily chores, helping out at a local food bank, volunteering at local animal sanctuaries, organising fun events for children in need, planting trees, organising fundraisers, assembling care packages and more. One of the best parts of CSR events is that they can be organised as simply or extravagantly as you like – the sky is the limit!

Looking for the right partners for a CSR-friendly event

If you are looking to take on a CSR project, selecting the right ground handling partner will make your life a lot easier.  Contact our local DMCs and event companies for help in setting up events. HYPE event planning agency, home to one of the largest portfolios of Team Building offerings in Estonia, have organised many local CSR programmes.Take a look at a HYPE’s CSR event examples here

Award winning event company Jolos even have a corporate social manager onboard the team . Her mission is to make the event sector as sustainable as possible, mainly concentrating on the environmental aspect. She is responsible for developing the sustainability strategy, composing value proposition for clients, setting up processes to integrate sustainability in to the business, raising employees’ awareness of sustainability, and directing partners and suppliers on how to make their services and products more sustainable.

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