Tartu’s clever marketing campaign reflects similarities between Tartu and world-famous travel destinations

Tartu, Estonia´s second largest city (population 100,000) located 185 km south of Tallinn,  is considered the capital of Southern Estonia.  Home to the nation´s top universityas well as a number of other institutes, research centres, biotechnology industries and several software companies, Tartu is the Estonia´s main centre of knowledge and study.

Tartu’s  academic credentials make it a great choice for all types of scientific and medical conferences. Visit Tartu’s team has come up with a smart destination marketing campaign to reflect similarities between Tartu and world-famous travel destinations.  Why not to plan your next conference in Tartu, to get the vibe but avoid crowded places!

Being home to globally-connected institutions such as Tartu University and the Estonian University of Life Sciences has made the ‘City of Good Thoughts’, as it’s called, a magnet for all kinds of conferences, particularly those related to scientific and medical fields.  In 2024,  Tartu will also hold the title of European Capital Of Culture.

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager