Liquids, electronics hand luggage removal rules lifted at Tallinn Airport

Passengers traveling through Tallinn Airport will no longer be required to remove liquids and large electronic devices from their hand luggage when going through security. The restrictions on the liquids that can be carried in hand luggage have also changed.

The process of installing and testing Tallinn Airport’s new security screening machines has been completed a week ahead of schedule. From now on, passengers flying from Tallinn will no longer need to remove liquids, laptops and other large electronic devices from their hand luggage and place them in a separate tray, to pass through security.

According to Tarvi Pihlakas, head of the airport’s aviation security department, the new equipment is expected to reduce the amount of time spent at security.

Changes have also been introduced regarding the restrictions on liquids that can be carried in passengers’ hand luggage.

While previously, passengers were able to carry a maximum of one liter in liquids in their hand luggage, provided it was in 100-millileter containers and in a clear, resealable, plastic bag, it will now be possible to carry liquids in containers of up to two liters in size.

This means it will now be possible to carry large bottles of shampoo, sunscreen and toothpaste, as well as soft drinks and liquid foodstuffs, in one’s hand luggage. It is still, however, necessary for passengers to ensure the total weight of their hand luggage is within the limits set by the airline.

Passengers are also advised to be aware that not all airports will have the same restrictions on liquids as Tallinn, meaning they may not be able to carry more liquids in their hand luggage when flying to Estonia from elsewhere.

Separate rules apply for aerosols, with only containers of up to 500 milliliters in size able to be carried as hand luggage. Passengers may bring a total of two liters of aerosols in their hand luggage.

Despite the expected decrease in time spent at security, passengers are still advised to arrive at Tallinn Airport two hours before their flight departure time, as there are sometimes longer waits to check-in baggage. There may also be long lines at security checkpoints during peak times when several different flights are due to depart at similar times.

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager