Iglupark in Tallinn offers unique meeting and sauna experience

Did you know that you don´t have to travel to Lapland for an igluhut or iglusauna experience?  Since last summer, Tallinn boasts an extraordinary Iglupark development in Noblessner!

Iglupark includes five IGLUSAUNAS, four seaside IGLUOFFICES and ten cabins, called IGLUHUTS. An Igluhut can provide accommodation for up to two people and contains a living room, a large bed, a kitchen corner and a bathroom. There is also a large terrace with outdoor furniture. Offices of various sizes consist of a meeting room for ten people or workstations for four, while a sauna fits up to ten people. The steam of Iglusauna is unique due to its curved shape as the steam travels upward to the ceiling, drifting softly downwards and filling the entire room. There are also two Iglubars serving snacks and drinks for the whole area.

As the Iglupark is located just a stone’s throw away from Tallinn’s major event venues Nobel Valukoda or Seaside Harbour,  – why not try a different style of accommodation while attending an event. Watch the ships pass by from the comfort of your bed or catch the last rays of the evening sun on your private terrace.

Iglucraft, the Estonian manufacturer that a few years ago made headlines in Britain when Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham bought its handmade igloo-style saunas, is planning to open 50 “Igluparks” all around Europe in the upcoming years, Tallinn’s Iglupark is the first one in the world.

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager