Flights restored between Tartu and Helsinki

As of 28 March, Finnair will once again be operating flights between Tartu and Helsinki. Flights will take place five times a week, offering opportunities for both business and leisure travel.

Flights operate from Monday through Friday, offering daytime departures during the week on two days, and evening departures on three days. The daytime flights ensure convenient connections to Finnair’s European route network, as well as in the direction of the United States and Asia. Evening flights enable arrivals from various destinations to Tartu and outbound connections to Finnair’s late-night wave to Asia, Scandinavia, and domestic routes within Finland. You can search for suitable connecting flights in the Finnair flight timetables.

‘Finnair offers a flexible solution that provides opportunities today for both business and leisure travellers. We are grateful for the stable cooperation between Finnair and Tallinn Airport, thanks to which Tartu will once again have international air connections,’ said Mayor Urmas Klaas.

Finnair’s 70-seat ATR-72 will begin flying on the Tartu-Helsinki route. The flight time is 45 minutes.

The Visit Tartu website offers a detailed schedule for the coming period.

Riine Tiigi

Marketing Manager