Põhjala Catering helps to make your event special, offering taste experiences and innovative ideas for different events. Established in 2007 , Põhjala caters to events involving anywhere from 10 to 2,000 guests.

Põhjala Catering’s aim is to offer flexible catering service according to the format of the event, best food and service. Põhjala Catering’s concept centres on scaling up the quality and feel of the elite restaurant world to fit the demands of event catering. The company’s head chef, Dmitri Britikovski, brings his experience from France, where he played leading roles in restaurants that carried the coveted 2-star rating from Michelin. His focus is classical French mixed with Nordic cuisine, a style that emphasises fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.


Põhjala Catering’s suppliers are very carefully selected; many of them are local small producers of organic food. Take a look at Põhjala Catering’s website for sample menus

The company also has a large stock of party furniture available for rent.

Types of Events Põhjala Catering Caters Include:

  • conferences and seminars
  • coffee beraks
  • coprorate events
  • product launches
  • theme events
  • corporate dinners
  • garden parties
  • gala ceremonies
  • private events: weddings, birthday parties

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Põhjala Catering


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