Sailing Tour on Pärnu Bay

Kestvus 3 tundi

Looking for something different?  Book an unforgettable experience on a private yacht. Sailing on Pärnu Bay, where you can see Pärnu from a completely different angle, is a unique activity. Finish your busy meeting day with a relaxing sail into the sunset- imagine this special moment, relaxing on the deck with colleagues and friends, sipping your drink and waiting for the sun to slowly sink behind the horizon. Trip around Pärnu Bay takes about 3 hours.

Sailing Tours can be customized to create the experience you want. You can also sail to the nearby islands, like Kihnu or Ruhnu or even set up a company regatta and have a race!

Pärnu Yacht Club is situated on the bank of Pärnu River, close to the centre of the town and the sandy beach.

Additional information: Visit Pärnu

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