Karting Experience at Lange Motocentre

Kestvus 1 tundi

Whether you’re looking for a teambuilding event, corporate entertainment or simply just fun, Lange Motocenter with its the longest track in Southern Estonia, superb facilities and exhilarating race formats, will deliver a memorable event.

The karting track offers you 1015 meters and 9 meters of exciting wild climbs and falls that give adrenaline rushes to children and adults alike. To add to the thrill, the track is equipped with a timing system that makes every session an exciting race. The track lighting provides an opportunity to test yourself in the dark.

The track is also equipped with a state-of-the-art timing system and thanks to the track being fully lit, it is also possible to drive on the circuit during the night.

There are a total of 27 karts from France’s leading karting manufacturer “Sodikart”, which 20 are for adult enthusiasts, 5 are for children and 2 are two seater karts. New modern hobby karts and a track with dual-layer asphalt made with todays modern road construction standards, will give all drivers pure driving pleasure.

Several rooms are available to rent for events.

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