Escape From Prison

Kestvus 3 tundi

There are a handful of escape rooms around the world that are hosted in actual prisons.  These abandoned cells create an ominous and creepy atmosphere that adds an extra level of terror to these games. The old Soviet prison in Pärnu was turned into the biggest escape rooms complex in Northen and Eastern Europe after the jail closed in 2007. The rooms are full of puzzles constructed from the prison’s most psychotic prisoners. Escaping from the depths of this real prison is a sure-fire way to get your adrenaline pumping. A prison break scenario is a solid contender for the most popular escape rooms genre. What law-abiding citizen wouldn’t want to try it out and attempt the impossible escape? Here it’s all about teamwork and communication.. If your team is going to succeed, they’ve got to work together. Best for bonding and getting to know each other better. Your team will talk about the experience for years to come!

Located within walking distance from central Pärnu.

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