Although most of Tallinn’s hotels, venues, restaurants and sights are within walking distance of each other,  City of  Tallinn  also offers free public transport for delegates of international events (conferences, cultural and sports events). Public transportation system in Tallinn includes buses, trams and trolleybuses. The conference QR ticket enables participants to make unlimited use of all means of public transport in Tallinn for the entire duration of the event. It also includes the tram line 4 from Tallinn Airport to the city centre.

Conference QR Ticket

For this initiative, a new free public transport ticket has been developed – the conference QR ticket with a printable QR code and a virtual QR code . The Conference QR Ticket can be fowarded to delegates via e-mail ahead of the event, so they would be able to use the ticket immediately after arriving in Tallinn. The QR code can also be printed on event badges.
The QR code will be issued to the event organiser after approval from the city government and after fulfilling points 4 and 5 below. The QR code must be validated every time when entering public transportation, at the validator machine by the front door of the vehicle.

To apply successfully for the free transportation, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The event organiser must send a formal application, which must be in Estonian and digitally signed, via e-mail (tta@tallinnlv.ee) to Tallinn Transport Department.
  2. The application must contain the following information:
    – The name and description of the event, the approximate number of attendees, the website and/or social media accounts of the event, information about the organiser, and the event date.
    – Information about the dates when free transportation is required. These may differ from the event dates, because usually participants arrive early and leave after the event.
  3. It is recommended that the application be sent at least 1 month before the beginning of the event, to assure enough time to process the request.
  4. The event organiser will name the City of Tallinn as a supporter in all official communications regarding the event, as well as on the event’s website and any printed materials, and will also include the official logo of Tallinn.
  5. To the event website in any international language, the event organiser will add a link to the website www.visittallinn.ee along with a short text citing to the page. (E.g. For useful advice and inspiration on Tallinn’s top attractions, activities, events, and places to eat and drink, check out the city’s official tourism portal, visittallinn.ee, or follow @VisitTallinn on social media). The event organiser will include hashtags #VisitTallinn and #Tallinn when promoting the event on social media.
  6. If the event will be using badges, the event organiser must add the official badge logo of the City of Tallinn to the badges.
  7. After the event is over, the organiser will send Tallinn Transport Department the number of participants that registered and attended the event, as well as a photo of the badge used at the event (if applicable).

Source: Visit Tallinn

05. juuni 2018 a. Foto: Toomas Huik