Orangetime Event

Effective and innovative event solutions for your people’s live and virtual meetings and team involvement.

Orangetime started organising events and conferences in 2003; by now, it is one of the largest event marketing agencies in the Baltic states. Throughout those years, it has organised thousands of corporate events and hundreds of conferences.

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Orangetime staff always focus on the client’s needs and compose a service package just for you, first mapping the client’s needs and wishes, then adding their general knowledge from experience, and then designing the most suitable solution.

Thanks to the team’s background in marketing, they can offer significant added value to conferences by planning networking activities and social events as well as creating a more lively work environment. In live and in virtual.

Orangetime is a regional pioneer in innovation, helping its clients get the most up-to-date technologies and equipment. Clients can be sure that they get to use the most modern and attractive solutions around.

Orangetime’s client surveys show that clients highly appreciate the company’s project management quality; staff can serve clients in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland, addressing them in Russian, English, French and Finnish.

Contact Orangetime if you are looking for:

  • 360’ live communication plan
  • professional help in organising the technical side of a conference;
  • innovative solutions to make a conference or an event more lively;
  • a good caterer, a venue and audio-visual equipment to make an event happen;
  • original solutions for stage-set of a conference;
  • ideas and implementation to really involve the participants and make them communicate in a conference;
  • a wholesome solution for organising an event, be it during day or in the evening, and much more.

Orangetime prepares a budget, keeps with it, formulates the main message and advises the technical side of the program.

The company communicates with the performers/speakers as well as participants. They can register your participants and if necessary then negotiate favourable accommodation prices for you.

Staff prepare, design and pick the materials and souvenirs for your conference.

They offer secretarial services in co-operation with the best partners, and also address the topics of creating and administrating a website.

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