Fotografiska Tallinn


Fotografiska Tallinn is the satellite-gallery of the internationally renowned photography museum founded in Stockholm. Located in the heart of the Telliskivi Creative City – favorite area of many Tallinn visitors, Fotografiska Tallinn is a meeting place for world-class art, good food, music, and design. In addition to a varied exhibition programme there are also event spaces, a music club, bar, café, gift shop, and a zero-waste restaurant with fantastic views located on the last floor of the museum. The restaurant’s concept is ‘sustainable pleasure’, which combines top quality dining using sustainable ingredients with a zero waste policy and is run by one of Estonia’s top chefs Peeter Pihel.

The event hall on the ground floor in Fotografiska Tallinn is open and bright, offering an ideal interior and layout for diverse experiences and a list high level sound and light systems, as well as conference equipment. Suitable for seminars and meetings, private dinner parties, spirited stand up receptions, concerts, theatre or movie nights. In-house screens inventory allows the room to be made smaller and cosier for mini meetings or expand to the café and courtyard for larger happenings.

Event Hall (250m2) Event Hall +  Cafe (500m2) Event Hall + Cafe + Courtyard (750m2)
Reception 150 300 600
Theatre 260 260 260
Banquet 130 150 150

On our first floor, there is a cosy cafe with a healthy breakfast menu, homemade pastries and fresh coffee, so you could take a moment for fika – a pleasure of life and being. The same café ground adds gathering and dining capacity to the event hall when the portable wall in between is opened up. The two grounds connected opens up a spacious area with a big city feeling, at the same time inviting with its cosy milieu to host for celebrations and gatherings.

For a larger events, joint café and event space area, or the event space alone, can be enlarged to the sunny side courtyard to host larger receptions. A private entrance from the courtyard side is easy to plan as well as sitting areas or designated food stations in the open air or under an elegant tent cover.

From leaf to root, from nose to tail. Fotografiska uses the power of photography to unite, spread awareness and create a positive impact in society. This mindset is well integrated in everything we do. By following our vision of inspiring a more conscious world, we aim to raise the level of awareness and question what we eat, drink and take for granted – nudging society towards more sustainable habits.

Our catering as well follows sustainable pleasure principles, where inspiring experiences are combined with ingredient efficient culinary and caring attitude towards the environment. The restaurant’s lead chef Peeter Pihel’s sustainable values are always represented in the event catering.

The core values of our mindset is well integrated in everything we do. By following our vision of inspiring a more conscious world, we aim to raise the level of awareness also in decorating and supplying the events we host. We like to invite you to consider not using one-time carpets, plastic, balloons, large cut flower arrangements and similar solutions that cannot be reused and create piles of trash after the moment of removal. Our team will be delighted to advise you further on the sustainability rider in due course.

The in-house event management team is experienced and professional to assist you in full planning of your event. We are delighted to welcome you at Fotografiska Tallinn and will support you all the way in planning and organizing.